The Most Complete Collection of Information About Cambodian Cockfighting

Currently,Cambodian cockfighting is on an extremely strong development path. It is of interest to players because of its legality, as well as being able to do business on this game itself. Therefore, this model is increasingly perfected to contribute to professionalism. This is the form that has brought chickens to players from all over. Let’s New88today Learn more about this exciting type of entertainment through the following article.

Learn in detail about what Cambodia cockfighting is?

Cockfighting in Cambodia is a type of cockfighting tournament held in the country of pagodas and towers. The location for the organization is mainly done in Thomo, an area bordering our country’s border

Unlike in Vietnam, in Cambodia, cockfighting is a legalized form. They also see this as a form of legal and profitable business.

Currently, cockfighting in Cambodia always focuses on investing methodically in the quality of the yard, the rules of the game, and especially the cocks. All fighting chickens entering the tournament must strictly comply with weight, feather color, breed source, etc.

The fighting cocks will be trained professionally and rigorously, so that they can be perfected for competition. For that reason, Cambodian cockfighting always brings its own attraction compared to other tournaments around the world.

Every day there are hundreds of different competitions, but cockfighting matches in the pagoda country always receive the attention of bettors. Because of its expertise, as well as methodical organization and investment.

What are the rules of Cambodian cockfighting?

Cockfighting in Cambodia always attracts many people’s interest and love. But not everyone understands the rules of this form of play. Especially for new players entering the profession, let’s find out the details as follows:

How long do the matches take place?

Cambodian cockfighting will take place with many competitions due to the large number of cocks fighting every day. Tournaments will be held regularly every week. Big tournaments with the participation of many rich players will be held from Thursday to Sunday.

And yet, every day of the week there are still many continuous and continuous battles. To ensure that cockers always have a playground to interact, interact and satisfy their passion for chickens.

How to see the cockfighting schedule in Cambodia?

During the competition, the organizer will publicize the match schedule on a large board at the stage. Accordingly, these matches will be made public after the end of the break between matches.

Viewers can watch live or online and can easily update pictures of the tournament. Currently, there are many reputable betting sites that will provide full match schedules, with clear specific times.

Rules of Cambodian cockfighting

To start the competition, the fighting cocks will first have to check their weight and dial a number. This is the step to help find a reasonable match between two fighting cocks. From there, arrange pairs to create the most balanced and talented matches.

Regulations on some differential rates currently prescribed are as follows

  • Bamboo chicken 30g
  • Breed chicken 60g

The process of participating in the competition and calculating points are clear and transparent as follows:

  • Winning gets 3 points.
  • A tie is awarded 1 point
  • Lose: no points

Each fighting cock will compete in the prescribed number of matches and calculate the total score. The side with the highest score will win. Currently, Cambodian cockfighting will not count play-offs or secondary indexes.
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If teams have equal scores, they will be considered co-champions, and the prize money will be divided equally. A lottery process between teams will choose which side receives the trophy.

Forms of participation in Cambodian cockfighting

Cockfighting in Cambodia is currently divided into two specific types of betting as follows:

Live betting

Live betting is a form of betting where players will come to the arena to watch the battles being held. Then you will choose and proceed to put money in whichever account you want.

Bet online

This is considered a form of betting that brings many conveniences to players. Bettors just need to sit in one place to watch matches played directly through smart devices. Then place a bet on the house address you are following.

Through these two forms, players can see that playing Cambodian cockfighting online will have many advantages. Helps bettors far away to follow the match as well as the war situation and place bets easily.

So,New88 introduced Cambodian cockfighting in detail to new players very specifically through the above article. Hopefully the information provided will help players choose a form of betting that suits them.

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