8 Best Sauces & Flavours at Buffalo Wild Wings Ranked

It doesn’t matter how much chicken wings are your favorite, the sauce is what really matters. Buffalo Wild Wings is the best at sauces. Let’s answer some questions at the beginning: They are chicken wings. Buffalo doesn’t have wings. Yes, the logo is misleading. Buffalo refers to the styleof wings and not a specific location. Buffalo Wild Wings has founded in Ohio and not New York. They are so unique! 26 sauces and rubs to flavor their deep-fried beef-tallow wings. We have compiled a list of the top Buffalo Wild Wings sauces and ranked them.

What is “best”? With a nod to both the divergent views regarding wings and their perceived wildness, we’re going for broad appeal. The wings won’t be worth the effort if you don’t sweat. Mild salsa is also available to those who prefer milder flavors and need to sip a large glass of milk. There are also picks that have other flavors than the usual lip-numbing heat.

Asian Zing

People love Asian fusion. It’s not usually chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has a few Americanized Asian-style sauces available, such as teriyaki or orange chicken. Asian Zing is the best choice for lunch sauces. It’s spicy Chinese food at its best, and it perfectly complements the crispy deep-fried wings.

Thai Curry

This is chicken wings 2.0. You won’t find any Buffalo or BBQ sauces here. Complex flavors like curry, coconut milk, and chile are what we’re after. Split orders with this and barbecue are not recommended. However, you can order a dry rub of Lemon Pepper and Salt & Vinegar to dip the chicken in this sauce. It’s possible to say that it’s the best meal since COVID closed indoor dining.

Caribbean Jerk

We recommend the Caribbean Jerk at Buffalo Wild Wings if you are tired of BBQ and want to try something sweeter or tangier. The bold combination of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg gives it a great flavor with just a hint of heat. Because people don’t know what is good for them, it doesn’t get much love on the menu. This sauce will give you a new twist on your usual sauce-rotation.

Parmesan Garlic

Many people are unaware that they offer bourgeois wings with flavors such as Parmesan Garlic, and Buffalo’s because of the “Buffalo”. The #5 spot was a tie among the regular Parmesan Garlic as well as the seasonal sauce flavor Truffalo. Parmesan Garlic was chosen because it is always available and has the perfect balance of flavors. But don’t forget about the truffle-buffalo sauce.

Smoky Adobo

You go to Buffalo Wild Wings to try new sauces. Smoky Adobo was dropped in March 2020. The media coverage about the pandemic spread quickly lost the excitement of the fans. We think this is unfair, as the flavor is fantastic. Even if you aren’t a fan of heat, you will still enjoy the rich adobo chili flavor.

Honey BBQ

It’s sweet. Too sweet? You can make it sweeter or less. But, you might want to try some boneless wings with this sauce. You can add just enough heat to make it interesting.

Mango Habanero

Buffalo Wild Wings’ spicy sauce is not for you if you don’t like spicy food. Mango Habanero earns its No. It’s more than just sweet and spicy. It’s also a complex flavor that’s addictive.

Lemon Pepper

The Buffalo Wild Wings Lemon Pepper sauce is a crowd pleaser if you are ordering for the table. You can choose from a dry rub or a sauce. It is the ideal base for any sauce. Order seasoned wings with side dishes if you want to get a new experience with your favorite sauces. For a bright and mild flavor, you can order the sauce version of your wings.

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