Can I Find a Job on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one the most used social media networks for job searching. For the most effective search for qualified candidates, recruiters and HR professionals use social networks as well as job portals to learn more about the candidate’s professional skills as well as their hobbies and interests. LinkedIn focuses on the professional community. Your profiles can include information about your work history, education, and links to projects.

It’s not just a social network. It’s also a job search portal. Therefore, it is important that candidates maintain their LinkedIn profiles to ensure that recruiters see them. A LinkedIn makeover can be done to improve your profile and help you impress potential employees. Let’s take a look at the essential points each account must have in order to grab the attention. It is essential that you upload a photo, specify the field of activity, current location (with description), and at least two previous jobs.

How do I set up my profile correctly?

These are some suggestions for creating a strong LinkedIn profile.

#1 Start with your photo, name, surname, and address

The photo should be taken in business-style and placed on a neutral background. Write your first and last names exactly as in your resume to make it easier for employers to find you through social media.

The #2 headline is what a recruiter sees first

Use keywords to explain who and what you are in plain language (120 characters).

#3 Summary

Enter your skills and a summary of your experience. The summary should be between 3-4 sentences that describe who you are as a student/specialist, what your experience is, etc. Don’t forget to mention the responsibilities. These are the same keywords that you used in the Headline, as they are used when searching for candidates.

#4 skills & endorsements

Since profiles with skills are more frequently viewed, you can indicate your capabilities and ask friends to confirm. Use all 50 possible skills. You can boost your profile by confirming that your contacts have similar skills to likes on social networks. The more you have, the higher your profile will climb in the search.

#5 Recommendations

The more recommendations you have, the better your profile will be. This is because you can show work experience and also confirm your strengths. Ask for recommendations from colleagues, former managers, or colleagues.

#6 accomplishments

This section should also be completed to optimize your profile. You must indicate which languages you speak and what courses you have taken (which is appropriate for the job). Also, you need to regularly update the information regarding the projects that you worked on. This section is a great way for you to showcase your skills

LinkedIn offers many ways to search for a job

You can organize an active job search, as well as passive job hunting through this social network. Many companies have official LinkedIn pages, especially international companies. It’s a great way to sign up to their pages to keep track of the open positions. Click on Vacancies to see the positions that interest you. These are algorithms selected based on your data and open offers by employers. Enter the name of your desired position in search bar. You will be taken to the page that includes additional search filters and results. It is instantly visible if someone in your contact list works for a company listed in the search results. LinkedIn also allows you to learn a lot about the people responsible for hiring you. After reviewing the profile, you can follow them on the network more closely.

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Ending Thoughts

Recent research shows that LinkedIn is the best job search channel. Since its inception, LinkedIn has helped employers find job candidates and employees for years. To make your job search as efficient as possible, you must fill out the profile accurately and qualitatively. Once your profile has been created, you should maintain it by reviewing the accomplishments and adding new skills and certificates. It is recommended that you do this at least once per three months. Gillian Grunewald Gillian Grunewald is a skilled writer who uses strong research skills to help her find the right career path. Over 12 years experience in editing and writing LinkedIn profiles. Education Master of Fine Arts, Writing Eastern Washington University.

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