The 10 Best Bottled Water Brands, Ranked

Despite the many efforts to eliminate plastic and bottled water, I still forget. It could be in my car or my house. I don’t keep it clean enough. But the end result is the exact same: I buy and drink bottled water. Let me tell you, not all water bottles are created equal. You might hear people tell you that water is the same.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has tried Arrowhead water, then tried Fuji. These two drinks are not in the same league.

Here it is. We have created a ranking of the top bottled water brands. We should also note that we have limited the list to brands you can buy in convenience stores (or at Starbucks in one case) because this is where you will most likely be thirsty for bottled water.

#10. Arrowhead

No. Just, no. Even if your body is dry, dehydrated, or you are walking in the deserts, you may take a moment and consider a bottle Arrowhead. The taste of bottled water is the same as what you used to drink when you were a child. Watch “Bottled Life” to see more about Nestle’s business and Arrowhead.

#9 & #8. Dasani/Aquafina

These two brands are closely related. These two brands are often your only options at a gas station, especially if it is located far from where you live. Both brands are available to you, but you don’t know which garden-hose flavor you prefer. These aren’t the worst, but they’re close. These half-drunk bottles can be found at your local 5K race.

#7. Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain water is superior to any standard bottle of water. Ice Mountain is the best bottled water. It has a crisper taste and tastes colder. You can also drink it faster. Ice Mountain also comes from the Midwest, so you can feel good about it. This bottle, although it is a midwesterner’s favorite, is known for being passive-aggressive. It tastes great ice-cold, but if you leave it at room temperature for too much time, it will start to taste like Dasani.

#6. Ethos

We now move on to the section called “fancier bottles of water”. In this instance, it’s “fancier” bottles for tap water. Ethos isn’t terrible, but it’s not great. Ethos will be there for you if you’re hungover from the night prior. It is refreshing and soothing to tired eyes. Instead of asking for an iced water cup, you can buy an Ethos. It’s okay, you’re dehydrated.


They are pretty and colorful bottles, which is why they were placed above Ethos. They are probably about the same except for that. They don’t pretend to help others like Ethos (but are they really?). You can still enjoy the fun art of drinking bottled water, which adds to the enjoyment. Taste wise? Perhaps a slight improvement. We’re not complaining about the metallicity, though.

#4. Evian

When I think about this brand of bottled water I think of Superstar, and the scene in which Mary Katherine Gallagher (played brilliantly by Molly Shannon), tells Evian, quote, “Go drink a bottle yourself.” It’s an epic fight scene, but mostly an epic bottle of water. Evian is the best tasting water. You will be more satisfied if you drink it. Look at me! I can afford expensive water. Pinkies up.

#3. SmartWater

It is a classic, and was one of the first companies to “change the game” within the bottled water sector. Smartwater+, Smartwater antioxidant and Smartwater cucumber lime are just a few of the 100 Smartwater versions they have created. Who would have thought that there could be so many Smartwater versions? Is anyone familiar with the meaning of phd balanced and alkaline 9+pH? It makes us feel extra hydrated, even though it’s not true.

#2. Essentia

You can say what you like about Essentia, but it is the best. It is the “Best tasting water ever to walk the earth”, as their website proclaims. That seems a bit exaggerated. It is, however, quite amazing. Yes. You can also choose from six sizes so that you can customize your water intake.

#1. Fiji

Fiji has the best bottled water, no questions asked. Fiji is available at airports and convenience stores. What could be better than being exotic while drinking H2O! There is nothing better. It’s like a vacation in a bottle. Imagine a tropical island and drink the water. The water flows from a natural waterfall. Instantly, you will know that this water is the best you have ever had.

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