How to Play Online Scratch Card Game to Redeem Win 10 Win 8

Scratch cards are certainly no longer strange to professional card players, this is a very popular type of card game at online casino halls. It is a game known as 52 cards in a deck of cards, but its appeal and attraction are always brought in a different way. In today’s article, I will introduce to you how to play scratch cards simply and easily win big. Please follow along.
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What is a scratch card?

Scratch card is the common name of this card game, in many different localities there will be different names such as: 3-card card, scratch card,… but the rules and how to play are not much different.

Each game usually starts with 2 or more players. Each person will be dealt 3 cards and then calculate the total score of the 3 cards in their hand. Whoever has the higher score wins. With simple rules and huge winnings, this is one of the top popular games in the online casino world.

Currently, in online casino halls, you often encounter two popular types of scratch cards:

Turtle card: Also known as card game, with this type, many players will bet a certain amount of money in the middle of the table, and whoever has the higher score will win and get all the money. money that people have bet. In case of a tie, the money will be divided or it can be decided by playing extra cards.

Scratch cards: In this type of card, the players will play with the dealer, the players will bet a certain amount of money and the dealer will deal the cards to each family and finally the dealer. Next, compare the dealer’s cards with the players. The side with the higher score will win, and the payout will be equal to the amount the player initially bet.

In the lobby play scratch cards atNew88 Casino, you will be able to participate in turtle scratch games, meaning players bet together, whoever has the highest score wins. The house only collects service fees after each hand in each betting hall.

Rules for playing scratch cards

Table members will bet a certain amount of money according to each table. The system will use a deck of 52 cards, give each player 3 random cards, the table members will calculate the total score of these cards, the person with the highest score will be awarded the prize. the win of that game.

If many people have the same score, they must compare the A cards in the card, whoever holds the A card will be the winner, otherwise the bet amount will be divided equally.

During the process of reading cards, players can fold or call or raise more depending on whether the 3 cards in your hand are large or small, which you should take advantage of to win big. Scratch cards require players to have strong psychological qualities and accurate judgment to bring home the largest amount of prize money in each bet.
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How to calculate the score of scratch cards

  • The cards A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 represent the corresponding points.
  • For the cards J, Q, K, these are 3 special cards, so these are all counted as 10. If you own these 3 cards, they will be called 3 scratches and are the largest in this scratch card game. .
  • Scratch cards only calculate points in units and completely omit tens, specifically only taking points from 0 – 9.

For example: If you own 3 cards 4, 5, 7, the total of these 3 cards is 16 which will be counted as 6 points, similarly if the total of 3 cards is 10 then it is 0 points, or 29 then is 9 points. In the scratch card game at New88, the highest score is 9 points, the lowest score is 0 points.

Because this is a scratch card game played by members of friends playing together, the system will automatically collect 5% of the player’s winnings in each game as a service fee.

Instructions for participating in playing scratch cards at bookmaker New88

For bookmaker New88, you can play on both PC and mobile platforms, the house supports App installation for all phones running both Android and IOS operating systems. This helps you to easily play anywhere, anytime. And to participate in playing scratch cards at New88, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage and log in to the house’s website.
  • Step 2: Select the “Card game” section => Select the “Scratch card” section.
  • Step 3: Choose a table that matches your current balance and place your bet.
  • Step 4: When all players’ cards are revealed, the system will compare cards. If you win, the entire amount on the table will automatically be transferred to your account.

Note: You can raise or fold more cards or you can also call the bet to increase the amount of winnings you receive.

Experience playing scratch cards to easily win big

When playing cards, everyone certainly wants to win against all opponents, but to be able to win requires you to have experience, understanding as well as a reasonable way to play. Next, I will introduce to you some experiences to easily win each game. Let’s take a look.

  • First, you need to clearly understand the house’s rules of playing cards, so take some time to read the rules of the game, to avoid the situation of giving up cards when you have a large hand.
  • Bet smartly and selectively: Choose tables that suit your budget, skip uncertain hands, and bet heavily on hands you are sure to win.
  • Give yourself a certain amount of money to bet. If you lose everything, you should stop and start playing again the next day. And when you are winning big, you should do the same, to preserve your money and avoid losing all your capital.
  • Please calculate carefully before making decisions to fold or raise cards. Choosing to fold or raise when playing scratch cards will also determine the amount of prize money you can receive at the end of the game.
  • Use several methods of dividing bets to preserve betting capital. Betting in the form of multiples is also a way to help you maintain financial stability when participating in the game. Absolutely do not play as socks


With the development of technology today, there will be many fraudulent bookmakers appearing, so you should go to bookmaker New88 to play this attractive scratch card game, as well as participate in more. Many other types of betting. Hopefully the above information will help have a reputable and quality card playing address.

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