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Empowering Molecular Diagnostics with Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit

Magen Biotech introduces a game-changing IVD Kit that simplifies the extraction of viral nucleic acid from a wide range of biological samples. Designed for clinical in vitro detection, the HiPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit ensures reliable and efficient extraction from body fluids, serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, and more. This exceptional product from Magen Biotech facilitates seamless and accurate molecular diagnostics.

Unveiling the Principle Behind High-Purity Results

The HiPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit from Magen Biotech utilizes a principle based on a high-binding force glass fiber filter membrane. By employing a high concentration of ionizing agents such as guanidine hydrochloride or guanidine isothiocyanate, the membrane selectively adsorbs nucleic acids through hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interactions while excluding proteins and other contaminants. This advanced filtration principle facilitates the removal of impurities, resulting in high-purity nucleic acid that can be directly used in a wide range of downstream experiments.

Advancing Sensitivity and Efficiency in Molecular Diagnostics

Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit harnesses the power of innovation to deliver outstanding advantages in molecular diagnostics. The column method employed by the HiPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit enables the extraction of multiple samples in just 20 minutes, optimizing laboratory efficiency and throughput. The resulting high-purity total RNA is perfectly suited for sensitive downstream applications, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Moreover, the kit eliminates the need for phenol chloroform extraction, enhancing safety and simplifying the workflow. With the inclusion of carrier RNA, the product maximizes the recovery of trace nucleic acid, enabling enhanced sensitivity and higher yields.


Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit is revolutionizing molecular diagnostics by providing laboratories with a seamless solution for viral nucleic acid extraction. Through its advanced filtration principle, the HiPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit ensures high-purity results that can be directly utilized in various downstream experiments. Laboratories benefit from the kit’s exceptional speed, high-quality output, safety, and sensitivity. With Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit, molecular diagnostics are elevated to new heights, empowering researchers and clinicians to advance healthcare through precise and efficient diagnosis. Trust in Magen Biotech’s commitment to excellence and embark on a journey of transformative molecular diagnostics.

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