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NXA Series Air Circuit Breaker: Reliable Protection for Electrical Systems

The CHINT NXA Series is a high-quality circuit breaker designed to offer reliable protection for electrical systems. With its rated operational voltage options of 380/400/415VAC and the availability of 3P and 4P configurations, the NXA Series provides versatile solutions for various applications. The circuit breaker is available in both draw-out and fixed types, offering flexibility in installation methods.

Versatile Rated Operational Voltage

The NXA Series Air Circuit Breaker from CHINT is designed to cater to different operational voltage requirements. With rated operational voltage options of 380/400/415VAC, the NXA Series ensures compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems. This versatility allows users to select the appropriate circuit breaker based on their specific voltage needs, ensuring reliable and efficient protection.

Flexible Configuration and Installation

The CHINT Circuit Breaker is available in both 3P and 4P configurations, providing options for various system setups. The 3P configuration is suitable for three-phase applications, while the 4P configuration is ideal for four-phase installations. Additionally, the NXA Series offers flexibility in installation methods. Users can choose between the draw-out type and fixed type, depending on their specific installation requirements. This flexibility enhances ease of use and ensures optimal utilization of available space.


The CHINT NXA Series Air Circuit Breaker is a reliable solution for electrical system protection. With its versatile rated operational voltage options and configurations, the NXA Series offers flexibility to cater to various application requirements. The availability of draw-out and fixed installation types further enhances its adaptability.

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