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Uninterruptible Power: Tecloman’s BESS Solutions for Mines

In the dynamic landscape of mining operations, consistent and reliable power supply is critical. Mines often grapple with low voltage issues in areas with weak grid structures, leading to operational disruptions. Tecloman, a pioneer in energy storage solutions, introduces a groundbreaking BESS type terminal voltage regulation device to address these challenges and ensure an uninterrupted medium voltage power supply.

Tackling Low Voltage Challenges

Mines situated in regions with weak grid structures face a persistent challenge of low voltage at their terminals. This issue not only hampers operational efficiency but also poses a threat to equipment integrity. Tecloman’s BESS solution steps in as a reliable ally, effectively tackling low voltage problems.

Local Active Support for Power Optimization

Tecloman’s BESS solution goes beyond conventional approaches by actively supporting local power requirements. By strategically deploying energy storage units, the system minimizes line power loss and mitigates voltage drop. This local active support ensures that mines can operate seamlessly, even in areas with less-than-ideal grid conditions.

Uninterruptible Medium Voltage Power Supply

The BESS type terminal voltage regulation device from Tecloman guarantees an uninterruptible medium voltage power supply for mining operations. With this innovative solution, mines can count on a steady and reliable power flow, eliminating the risks associated with voltage fluctuations.

Advantages Beyond the Surface

Tecloman’s energy storage solution not only resolves immediate power challenges but also offers long-term advantages. The reduction in line power loss contributes to overall energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings for mining operations. Additionally, the system’s adaptability ensures a scalable solution that can evolve with the changing needs of the mining industry.


Tecloman’s BESS solution emerges as a reliable and innovative energy storage solution for mines, providing uninterrupted medium voltage power supply in the face of low voltage challenges. With a focus on local active support and optimized power delivery, Tecloman is at the forefront of revolutionizing energy solutions for the mining sector.

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