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Optimize Operations and Control Costs with AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15 Autonomous Forklift

In the realm of industrial logistics, the search for efficiency meets the demand for managing costs head-on. AIVISON introduces the SFL-CBD15, a groundbreaking solution that not only enhances material handling efficiency but also provides a strategic approach to controlling both robotic forklift cost and autonomous forklift price.

Unveiling the Future of Material Handling Efficiency

Businesses keen on optimizing operations and controlling their robotic forklift cost need look no further than AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15. This autonomous forklift isn’t just a leap forward in technology; it’s a calculated investment in streamlined operations and cost-effectiveness.

Speed Redefined – 100% Faster, 100% AIVISON

When considering the autonomous forklift price, it’s crucial to evaluate the value it brings to your operations. The SFL-CBD15, with its remarkable 100% increase in speed up to 2m/s, is not just an investment; it’s a return on investment. AIVISON’s commitment to innovation ensures that businesses experience enhanced efficiency without compromising on the bottom line.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Autonomous Forklift

The AIVISION SFL-CBD15 autonomous forklift offers a cost-effective solution for material handling. With its quick charge and change system, a single battery provides 4-6 hours of operation with just a 1-hour charge. The dual battery configuration extends the running time to 8-10 hours. This efficient charging capability optimizes costs and ensures uninterrupted productivity. With enhanced efficiency and reduced expenses, the AIVISION SFL-CBD15 is the ideal choice for efficient and cost-effective material handling.


In conclusion, AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15 offers a holistic approach to material handling efficiency and cost control. By redefining speed, incorporating quick charge solutions, and extending endurance, this autonomous forklift is a testament to AIVISON’s commitment to providing businesses with a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes operations but also keeps a tight rein on the robotic forklift cost and autonomous forklift price.

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