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Sports at the bookmaker New88 has long been famous as an online betting playground with extremely good quality and guaranteed green reputation for customers. The sports category at the house has fascinated millions of members, especially during big football seasons. The content in the following article will help you grasp information and have the most accurate view of this playground.
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Overview of the famous  New88 sports playground

If you are passionate about betting, you will definitely feel satisfied when coming to the gaming lobbysport This is from bookmaker  New88. This is considered a betting paradise with a collection of dozens of the hottest sports on the market.  New88 is currently making waves with 4 major betting halls such as K-Sports, Sports, I-Sports and GS-Sports.

Each of these online betting halls integrates many famous sports. Specifically, badminton, volleyball, tennis, football, racing, hockey, virtual sports and e-sports…  New88 updates all major and small tournaments around the world for diversity. Enabling options for gamers.

In any sport, you can participate in many types of attractive and easy-to-win bets. Thanks to the higher reward rate compared to other online playgrounds,  New88 sports has the special favor of many customers. Almost any member of the house can participate in experiencing the super hot betting forms of this gaming hall.

Objective review of  New88’s sports betting lobby

To better understand the  New88 sports playground, you should refer to the comments and reviews of the gaming community below:

  • Most  New88 customers feel satisfied when coming to the sports hall thanks to the diverse betting system. You can bet on main types of bets such as handicap bets, over/under bets and dozens of other types of side bets in each match.
  •  New88’s odds table is very easy to view and displays all the necessary information in a scientific way. The dark interface helps players not feel dazzled while learning about bets and placing money.
  •  New88 Sports is favored with dozens of attractive and regular promotions. Typically, the event rewards up to 250 million VND for sports bettors with the most revenue, with attractive refund or deposit incentives…
  • You will be guaranteed maximum safety if you bet on any sports match of bookmaker  New88. The security system operates with a strict mechanism and is regularly maintained to ensure complete identity confidentiality for customers.
  • Deposit and withdrawal transactions for betting here are extremely convenient. You only need to spend 1 to 2 minutes to complete a transaction order with a few basic steps.

Take a look at the hottest forms of  New88 sports betting

Currently,  New88 is offering the following 3 super hot and highly rated types of betting:

Traditional sports

This is a type of sports betting that has been associated with bookmaker  New88 since the early days of its launch. The most attractive is soccer betting with dozens of matches every day and rich odds table. The top tournaments on the planet such as World Cup, Euro, C1 Cup, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A… will bring eye-catching matches and countless attractive bets for bettors.

Virtual sports

New88 Sports makes users satisfied with its extremely convenient virtual sports betting service. You are allowed to participate in betting in virtual tournaments that are simulated similar to traditional sports.

There is still the same diverse betting system, but you only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes to complete a bet. Because virtual football, basketball, and tennis matches here only take place in a very short period of time.
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Esports betting at  New88 sports

Electronic e-sports at bookmaker  New88 is a form of betting that bettors will definitely be fascinated with after learning about it. You can accompany your favorite gaming teams in large-scale tournaments from continents to the world.

Currently, New88 is organizing betting on hot games such as Lien Quan, Dota, CSGo, League of Legends, Free Fire… Each match will be supported by the house with super huge odds tables with much higher reward rates than with the market.


New88 Sports will definitely not disappoint you with its perfection in both content and form. Join the experience of betting odds updated every day at  New88 and receive super big bonuses.

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