Muslim marriages in ISLAM, Sharia Law

All Muslims living in Dubai are eligible to marry under Sharia Laws. All Islamic marriages in Dubai are governed by the Sharia Laws. No matter what nationality, a couple can marry if both are Muslims. The groom and bride must both be Muslims. Non-Muslims have different rules. Sharia Law must be followed if the couple are Muslims. Sharia Law will still apply if the groom is Muslim. If the reader plans to get married in Dubai, or any other Emirate in UAE, they should consult Family Lawyers Dubai by the Best Law Firms Dubai.


A Muslim man can only marry a Non-Muslim woman who is ‘AHLKitaab’, which means that he is either a Christian or Jew. Because Christianity and Judaism are considered Divine Religions alongside Islam. A Muslim girl cannot marry any other than a Muslim husband. They must show sufficient proof that the groom converted to Islam before the girl can marry. These are Sharia Law’s rules. Sharia Law does not recognize or accept a marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man.


If we examine the details, we’ll see that polygamy is permitted in Dubai and Islamic World according to Sharia Law. If a Muslim man has sufficient material and a sound financial foundation, he can have up to four wives. Fair treatment is also required among them.


The sharia laws consider all Muslim marriages to be a contact. All marriages must be registered with a sharia Court in the UAE. According to the Islamic calendar, 18 is the legal age to marry. If the age requirement is not met the judge must approve. Another clause states that the spouse’s age cannot be more than one another. If this is the case, the judge must approve.


The law requires both parties to the marriage to obtain a pre-marital screening certificate. The three main medical centers that can perform marital screening are Dubai Health Authority, Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Health and Prevention. Medical screening is done to make sure that neither one of them has a genetically inherited or transferable disease. If one of the parties has it, the application can be denied.

The couple must also attend. Witnesses will require 2 male Muslim witnesses, along with the presence of the father of the bride.


Every woman planning to marry in Dubai must have the consent of her parents or guardians. If the father dies, the nearest male guardian (e.g. elder brother) will consent to the marriage. A written proof must be provided to support the current status of a widower or divorced woman.


A lawyer can help you register your marriage in Dubai. If the couple are planning on getting married, the lawyer will arrange a meeting with a marriage officer. The lawyer will help you meet the requirements set forth by Sharia laws Dubai. They will help you navigate the long and tedious process. It will take up a lot time, money, and resources. The entire process will be guided by a knowledgeable family lawyer.


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