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Edan Hospital Vital Monitor: Enhancing Accuracy with Advanced Measurement Modes

The Edan Hospital Vital Monitor, iM3, goes beyond traditional monitoring devices by introducing advanced measurement modes that enhance accuracy and reliability. These innovative modes address specific challenges and provide healthcare professionals with more precise data for accurate diagnoses and optimized patient care.

Average BP mode: eliminating false readings

The iM3 introduces the Average BP Mode, which eliminates false readings caused by factors such as white coat hypertension. By automatically measuring blood pressure multiple times within minutes, this mode provides more reliable and convincing readings. The Average BP Mode helps healthcare professionals distinguish suspected cases and aids in accurate diagnoses, particularly in cardiovascular screening and primary care settings.

Intelligent alarms: timely notifications for critical conditions

The iM3 incorporates intelligent alarm systems that deliver prompt notifications for critical conditions. These alarms are designed to alert healthcare providers to abnormal readings and potential emergencies, enabling swift intervention. The intelligent alarm algorithms minimize false alarms while ensuring that critical events are not missed, facilitating proactive patient care and improving patient safety.


The Edan Hospital Vital Monitor, iM3, sets a new standard for accuracy in vital monitoring with its advanced measurement modes and intelligent alarm systems. The Average BP Mode eliminates false readings, enhancing diagnostic precision, while intelligent alarms provide timely notifications for critical conditions. With the iM3, healthcare professionals can trust in accurate data and deliver optimal care to their patients.

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