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BINMEI: A Trusted Manufacturer of High-Quality Blue Spirulina and Spirulina Extract

Zhejiang BINMEI Biotechnology Co., Ltd, founded in 2013, has established itself as a professional manufacturer of blue spirulina and spirulina extract. With a strong focus on quality manufacturing, BINMEI has gained recognition both domestically and internationally. This article explores BINMEI’s expertise in producing high-quality blue spirulina and spirulina extract, which are widely used across various industries.

Manufacturing Blue Spirulina and Spirulina Extract:

As one one the leading phycocyanin powder manufacturers in China, BINMEI specializes in the production of blue spirulina and spirulina extract, utilizing a water-based extraction process. The company takes pride in ensuring the safety and healthiness of their products, as no chemical solvents are used during the extraction process. This commitment to natural extraction methods results in a high-quality blue spirulina that meets industry standards.

Applications in Various Industries:

Food and Beverages: BINMEI’s blue spirulina is widely used in the food and beverage industry. Its vibrant blue color makes it a sought-after natural food coloring option for products such as candies, beverages, and other food items. Manufacturers appreciate the safety and versatility of BINMEI’s blue spirulina in creating visually appealing and naturally colored food products.

Health Care and Cosmetics: The blue spirulina and spirulina extract supplied by BINMEI find applications in the health care and cosmetics industries. These natural ingredients are incorporated into health supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic products due to their potential health benefits and appealing blue color. BINMEI’s products enable manufacturers to develop safe and effective products for consumers.

Pharmaceuticals: BINMEI’s spirulina extract is also utilized in the pharmaceutical industry. The extract’s nutrient-rich composition, including proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, makes it a valuable ingredient in the production of pharmaceutical formulations. Its potential health benefits and natural properties contribute to the development of high-quality pharmaceutical products.


BINMEI’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality blue spirulina and spirulina extract has positioned the company as a trusted supplier in the industry. With a focus on natural extraction methods and a commitment to safety and quality, BINMEI’s products are widely used in food, beverages, health care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. As a reliable partner, BINMEI continues to provide top-notch blue spirulina and spirulina extract to customers worldwide.

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