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Enhancing Guest Comfort: Horow’s Smart Toilet Solution for Hospitality – HOROW T20Y

In the hospitality industry, providing guests with exceptional comfort and convenience is paramount to ensuring a memorable stay. Smart toilets have emerged as a key element in elevating the guest experience in hotels and resorts, offering advanced features that prioritize cleanliness, efficiency, and ease of use. In this article, we’ll explore the role of smart toilets in hospitality and introduce Horow‘s T20Y model, designed to exceed guest expectations with its innovative features and intelligent design.

Automated Lid Operation

Horow smart toilet sets the stage for a luxurious guest experience with its automated lid operation feature. Upon approach, the toilet lid gracefully opens, welcoming guests with a touchless experience. Likewise, when guests leave, the lid automatically closes, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom. For added convenience, this feature can be easily disabled using the remote control, providing guests with control over their preferences.

Intelligent Dual Flush System

With its intelligent dual flush system, the Horow smart toilet offers guests a water-efficient and environmentally friendly option for flushing. The toilet performs a full flush (1.27 gallons per flush) when guests step away, effectively removing waste and minimizing water usage. Alternatively, a small flush (1 gallon per flush) is activated if guests touch the sensing area with their foot, providing a convenient and hygienic flushing option. Guests can control flush options conveniently using the remote control or knob, ensuring a tailored experience to suit their needs.

Elevating the Guest Experience

By incorporating Horow’s T20Y smart toilet into their facilities, hotels and resorts can elevate the guest experience to new heights. The seamless integration of advanced features such as automated lid operation and intelligent dual flush system not only enhances guest comfort but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Guests will appreciate the convenience and sophistication of the T20Y smart toilet, leaving a lasting impression of luxury and hospitality.


Horow’s T20Y smart toilet offers hotels and resorts a sophisticated solution for enhancing guest comfort and satisfaction. With its automated lid operation, intelligent dual flush system, and user-friendly design, the T20Y smart toilet sets a new standard for excellence in hospitality. Invest in Horow’s T20Y smart toilet and delight your guests with an unparalleled bathroom experience that exceeds their expectations.

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