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Sustainable Power Anywhere: Introducing DEENO’s Portable Solar Panel for On-the-Go Energy Solutions

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on finding alternative and sustainable sources of energy. As climate change continues to pose serious threats to the environment, individuals and companies alike are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy. DEENO has introduced portable solar panel for this purpose.

Biggest feature: Portability

The portability factor of DEENO’s solar panel is truly remarkable. Weighing just a few pounds, its folding design allows for easy storage and transportation. Its sleek and durable build ensures that it can withstand rough handling, making it a perfect choice for individuals always on the move. So its design is very friendly, making this portable solar panel compact and lightweight, perfect for outdoor activities and travel.

Safe operating environment

Safe use environment is also one of the two points of this product. Outdoor activities usually have many uncertain weather factors, and great care is needed when using portable power sources. DEENO’s portable solar panel have a dual protection system (short circuit and overcurrent protection), providing users with a very safe operating environment. It also avoids many restrictions.

High work efficiency

This 200w portable solar panel ensures that the user’s power station is fully charged within six hours. And it covers monocry stalline silicon solar cells, managed by DiBMS, with a conversion rate of up to 23%. This brings great convenience to the user’s use.


Outdoor activities with the equipment is the need for this easy to carry and easy to fold and store things, especially in the outdoor no power supply, portable power and not enough electricity, portable solar panel is the best choice for everyone.

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