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Enhancing Retail Efficiency and Customer Experience: Hanshow’s Electronic Shelf Tags

Remaining ahead of the competition in the fast-paced retail industry necessitates creative solutions that optimize processes, boost productivity, and improve the general consumer experience. Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels and digital price tags offer a cutting-edge solution that empowers retailers to transform their pricing and product information management. With features such as multiple pages, LED flash support, long battery life, and efficient RF wireless communication, Hanshow’s electronic shelf tags provide a compelling reason for more retailers to choose their products.

Unveiling the Dimensions of the Nebular 750

One of the flagship models in Hanshow‘s electronic shelf tag lineup is the Nebular 750. This EST comes in a compact and sleek design, with dimensions of 178.1mm x 125.7mm x 10.8mm. Its active display area measures 163.2mm x 97.9mm, providing ample space for pricing and product information display. The white case color adds a clean and modern aesthetic to store shelves, complementing various store designs and branding.

Exploring the 7.5-Inch Display of the Nebular 750

The Nebular 750 features a vibrant 7.5-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, offering high-quality visuals and crisp text. With a DPI (dots per inch) of 125, the display ensures that pricing and product information is clear and easy to read for both customers and store staff. The display color is BWR (black, white, and red), providing a visually striking contrast that grabs the attention of shoppers.

NFC Technology Revolutionizes Electronic Shelf Tags

Hanshow’s electronic shelf tags also come equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, enabling seamless communication between the tags and compatible devices. This feature opens up possibilities for various applications, such as price updates, inventory management, and personalized promotions. Retailers can leverage NFC to provide interactive experiences for customers, enhancing engagement and driving sales.


To sum up, electronic shelf tags from Hanshow provide a number of features and advantages that boost retail productivity and elevate the consumer experience. Retailers may achieve operational efficiency, consumer engagement, and competitive success in the retail industry by using Hanshow’s electronic shelf tags.

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