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Easy Installation and Maintenance for Perimeter LED Displays

When it comes to large LED video screen rental for stadiums and arenas, BAKO stands out with its easy installation and maintenance features. The modular design of their perimeter LED displays ensures quick and efficient setup and maintenance, providing hassle-free solutions for sporting venues.

Crisp Visuals from Any Angle

BAKO’s sport LED screens offer high gray levels, high refresh rates, and wide viewing angles. This means that spectators can enjoy crisp, smooth visuals from any angle in the stadium. With super color depth and dynamic visuals, their LED screens create an immersive viewing experience, capturing every detail of the action on the field.

High Brightness and Vivid Performance

Even under the brightest sunlight, BAKO displays shine with high brightness and deliver amazing visuals. Their LED screens are designed to provide high clarity and visibility, ensuring that spectators can fully enjoy the game, regardless of the outdoor lighting conditions. With vivid performance, their LED displays bring the action to life, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Real-Time Live Broadcasting and Cut-in Ads

BAKO’s LED stadium advertising boards enable seamless integration of live action, replays, and targeted advertising. With Their solutions, stadiums can effortlessly create a dynamic viewing experience for the audience. Real-time live broadcasting keeps fans engaged, while cut-in ads generate additional revenue streams and increase monetization opportunities for the venue.


When it comes to LED display sports solutions, BAKO stands as a preferred partner globally. With years of experience and successful cases around the world, they offer comprehensive solutions for football stadium LED displays and stadium LED screens. Their perimeter LED displays are designed for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring hassle-free setups for sporting venues. With features such as high brightness, vivid performance, and real-time broadcasting capabilities, BAKO’s LED displays elevate the spectator experience and open doors to new revenue streams. Choose BAKO for your stadium advertising board needs and let them help you create a winning game plan. Contact them today for consultation, design, installation, and after-sales support, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with their LED display solutions.

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