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Elite Solar: Unleashing Power with PERC Solar Cells

With a focus on efficiency and performance, Elite Solar offers high-quality PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) solar cells. their PERC cells are designed to deliver exceptional power output and reliability, making them the ideal choice for high-power solar applications. With state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control, Elite Solar is committed to providing superior solar solutions for your renewable energy projects.

High Power Solar Cells: Maximum Power Output

Elite Solar’s high power solar cells are engineered to deliver maximum power output. With their advanced design and precise manufacturing, their cells provide exceptional efficiency and energy conversion. The blue composite anti-reflection coating on the front side ensures reduced reflection and increased light absorption. The incorporation of 10 bus bars and a high number of fingers further enhances the electrical conductivity, allowing for optimal power generation. Experience the advantages of high power solar cells with Elite Solar.

PERC Solar Cells: Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

Elite Solar’s PERC solar cells offer unparalleled performance and reliability. The alumina and silicon nitride composite passivation layer on the back side ensures excellent surface passivation, reducing recombination and improving cell efficiency. The silver anode with aluminum fingers provides high conductivity and superior electrical performance. With strict quality control measures in place, Elite Solar guarantees the durability and performance of their PERC solar cells. Choose Elite Solar for reliable and high-performance solar solutions.


Elite Solar’s PERC solar cells are designed to unleash power and deliver exceptional performance. With their advanced features, including high power output and superior surface passivation, their cells provide optimal energy conversion and efficiency. Whether you require high power solar cells for commercial applications or residential projects, Elite Solar has the perfect solution for you. Trust in Elite Solar’s commitment to excellence and experience the benefits of their high-quality PERC solar cells.

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