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Amplify Your Security: Hikvision’s Speaker for CCTV Cameras

In the world of security, Hikvision has established itself as a trusted name, known for its cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive solutions. Expanding on their expertise in video security, Hikvision introduces their powerful speaker for CCTV cameras. This innovative addition seamlessly integrates audio capabilities with Hikvision’s renowned video security systems, offering an enhanced security experience for various applications.

With High-Speed Industrial-Grade Dual-Core Chips

The Network Horn Speaker, boasting a robust 7W output, brings exceptional audio clarity and coverage to security environments. Equipped with high-speed industrial-grade dual-core chips and built-in NOR Flash+EMMC dual storage, this speaker ensures stable and reliable system performance. Dual system backups provide an additional layer of security, ensuring uninterrupted audio output even in demanding situations.

Protect Against Unauthorized Access

Security is a top priority for Hikvision, and the Network Horn Speaker is no exception. It offers several security features to safeguard the system and protect against unauthorized access. Additionally, the speaker supports security audit log traceability, making it possible to monitor and review system activities for enhanced network security.

Adapts to Various Scene Applications

The Network Horn Speaker adapts to various scene applications with its support for local audio collection and playback. This feature allows for live announcements or pre-recorded messages to be played directly from the speaker, enhancing communication capabilities in real-time. This flexibility proves invaluable in scenarios such as emergency situations or public announcements where clear and effective communication is paramount.


In conclusion, Hikvision’s Network Horn Speaker is a powerful and versatile audio solution that seamlessly integrates with CCTV cameras. With its advanced features, robust security measures, and efficient management options, this speaker significantly enhances the audio capabilities of security systems.

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